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A-TEN Associates(Japan)Limited

A-TEN is an anglicized version of the Japanese word eiten.
The elements of the Japanese character ei 栄 represent a tree under the roof of a learning institution and evoke the ideas of growth and development.The verb sakaeru 栄える means to flourish. The character ten 転 means to revolve or change.
The phrase eiten suru means to attain a promotion.
And this is what A-TEN seeks to achieve for the Client's business and the Successful Candidate.
A-TEN Associates (Japan) Limited is a leading Executive Search firm specializing in the Financial Services and Legal sectors. The firm was originally established in 1996 in Tokyo. The partners have over 30 years of combined experience working in the financial services industry to understand and fulfil your needs. A-TEN works with a strong emphasis on Rapid Delivery and Closure.

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